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Part 5: Psychological Assessment— When a Missionary Candidate has a Disability

ability or disabilityIt’s tempting for a mission just to refuse someone who has a mental or physical disability. But consider, should the Church be sending the message that we don’t value persons with disabilities? Also, there may well be legal problems with this approach. 


Part 4: Psychological Assessment— Legally Acceptable Tests and Knowledge

evaluationsBrent has discussed formal and informal assessments. Informal assessments are probably okay, as long as you don’t ask the “forbidden” questions that would trigger discrimination concerns. I want to dwell a bit more on the formal assessments, and how they might cause concern from a legal standpoint. 


Part 2: Psychological Assessment— Legal issues in psychological testing overview

psychological assessmentBrent, I think it’s a great idea to sort out this idea of psychological testing. While those tests are not needed for most secular jobs, many mission agencies use assessments initially for two reasons. That raises an important distinction between types of tests. 


Religious Freedom: We’re All Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

protest speechI took my first foray into the legislative process this January, testifying at a committee hearing of the Colorado House in support of a bill that would have prohibited universities from denying benefits to any religious student group based on “the religious student group’s requirement that its leaders adhere to the group’s sincerely held religious beliefs or standards of conduct.” That’s it. The bill didn’t apply to visitors to the groups, or even regular members.


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