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Litigation & Appeals Blog Posts

Litigation & Appeals Blog Posts

Seven Ways to Waive your Argument on Appeal

Waiving an argument on appeal is usually a bad thing. Here are seven things NOT to do if you want to set your case up for success on appeal. We’ve also included some practice tips to help avoid these pitfalls in future cases.

Part 2 Case Analysis: Costs and Benefits of Litigating a Case

Many of our potential clients are sure that they want to file a lawsuit, but few have actually thought through—or even realize—the many costs and benefits to doing so. Before filing a lawsuit, you should do a cost-benefit analysis. Identify and then weigh the pros and cons. This seven-part series explores some things to consider when deciding whether a lawsuit is the best way to go.

C.A.R.—the 2016 Model: Recent Changes to the Colorado Appellate Rules

The Colorado Supreme Court has been hard at work, handing down multiple changes to the Colorado Appellate Rules. Some changes were significant. Others were minor. The most notable change to the Colorado Appellate Rules was to Rule 3.4: Appeals from Proceedings in Dependency or Neglect. For cases filed after July 1, 2016, appeals from these proceedings will get a major overhaul. Here are some of the significant changes in the rules.

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