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Seven Ways to Clarify Spiritual Discipline: Process for Handling Misconduct Within the Church

Church DisciplineThe disciplinary process for erring employees is intertwined with statutory provisions. You may become involved with the Civil Rights Division or the EEOC, even as a religious organization. Whether you can address issues internally and independent of government oversight depends partly on your policies and agreements.


Can an Attorney or Parent Advocate Add Value in a Special Education Dispute?

Special Education DisputeOften, parents come talk to us about their special education matter and end up deciding that it costs too much to hire an attorney. Often, we talk to parents in situations where a child's education has been wrecked for years, often beyond repair. We wish we could have helped them sooner. This raises questions. When do you need an attorney or parent advocate? When would an attorney add value to your child's life that outweighs the cost?

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