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Telios Law Is a Proud Sponsor of Religious Law Network

What is the Point of Religious Law Network?

Religious Law Network helps churches and ministries find attorneys knowledgeable about religious law issues, and certain related legal services. It provides useful information about religious law issues and a place to discuss those issues. It is open to all topics related to religious law, is not limited to a particular religion or denomination, and has no faith requirement.

Who are the Network Members?

Members of the Network are attorneys who practice in areas related to religious law and religious organizations—everything from litigation to tax to corporate governance. These attorneys may work for law firms, not-for-profit legal organizations, or as in-house counsel for religious organizations. The Network helps churches, ministries, and people with religious law issues find attorneys who practice in those legal areas.

Membership in the Network is free for any attorney whose practice includes religious law and for others with an interest in religious law issues. Members will make content submissions to the site. Members have access to a members-only closed discussion forum. The Network’s database includes all attorney members.

Religious Law Network Content and Submissions

The site features information about religious law issues by way of articles, blogs, podcasts, commentary and more. Sections of the site include links to current news, discussion of good policies and prevention of harm, other types of best practices, commentary and reviews.

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