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Theresa Lynn Sidebotham Theresa Lynn Sidebotham

  • "On Appeal? Process, Pointers, and Pitfalls for the Non-Appellate Attorney" (with Jessica Ross), Practice Guide, February 2016
  • "Handling an Allegation of Leadership Misconduct," The Christian Lawyer, July 2015
  • "The Importance of Preservation to Winning a Civil Appeal" (with Jessica Ross), El Paso Country Bar Journal, June 2015
  • "Peace at Work: Balancing Religious Exercise Rights of Employers and Employees," The Colorado Lawyer, June 2015 (with Jessica Ross)
  • “The Story of GINA, or Who Knew Genetic Information Could Cause So Much Trouble?” ACSI Legal Legislative Update, Fall 2014
  • "Getting it Right, Healing the Wrong: Legal Issues in Protecting Children and Organizations from Child Sexual Abuse," Evangelical Missiological Society annual publication, 2014
  • "Survey of Nonprofit Risk Management," ACSI Legal Legislative Update, Winter 2013
  • "The Rock and the Hard Place," a blog on legal and psychological issues for missions, (with Dr. Brent Lindquist)
  • Juvenile Law Benchbookfor Colorado, authored 130 page section on "Serving Children With Disabilities," at, July 2009, updated 2011
  • “Are Protestant Ministries a New Market?  Lessons Learned From the Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal,” a paper presented at the 2011 conference of the American Society of Missiology (written with L. Martin Nussbaum)
  • “Expression of Religion in Public Schools,” The Colorado Lawyer, November 2011
  • "An Overview of Special Education Law--Part I," The Colorado Lawyer, January 2009
  • "An Overview of Special Education Law--Part II," The Colorado Lawyer, March 2009
  • "Elements of a Successful Appellate Brief," The Colorado Lawyer, June 2008 (with Aaron Einhorn)
  • "Interested Parties in Juvenile Dependency and Neglect Cases," The Colorado Lawyer, August 2004
  • “Nonprofit Waivers Just Got More Complicated and Less Effective,” First Freedom, September 2011
  • “Colorado Protects Nonprofits and Volunteers from Liability,” First Freedom, September 2011
  • “Looking After Orphans at New Life Church,” First Freedom, Fall 2009
  • "Writing Appellate Briefs," The Colorado Lawyer, June 2008 (with Aaron Einhorn)
  • "Interested Parties in Juvenile Dependency and Neglect Cases," The Colorado Lawyer, August 2004
  • "Immigration Policies and the War on Terrorism," Denver Journal of International Law & Policy, Summer 2004
  • "The Problem of MK Vulnerability," Psychology for Living, March/April 1999

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