IEP Team - Educating Children with Disabilities

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Terms and Definitions: IEP Team

The IEP team must include:

  1. The parents of the child (however, if you do not show up for the meeting, they can still have it);
  2. At least one of the child’s regular education teachers;
  3. At least one special education teacher;
  4. A representative of the school district who is knowledgeable about the relevant disabilities;
  5. Someone who can interpret the evaluations;
  6. Other individuals that the parent or agency invites (examples may be a therapist, medical professional, caregiver, foster parent, caseworker, guardian ad litem); and
  7. The child, when appropriate.

To excuse one of these team members, both the school district and parent must agree, and the parent must agree in writing.

clickable chart on educating children with disabilities


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