Questions and Questionnaires, Part 3


Inadvertent Answers – how do we handle them?

Hi Theresa – I have two questions, but I will only ask one in this part.

“What do we do when a pre-employment process is answered by giving information we weren’t looking for, but need to know?”

Let’s say I am asking questions about life experience related to the position—for instance, have they done certain things as part of their job before? The person answers, “Yes, I have led a group of people in a stressful circumstance, but that was after I got my depression and anxiety under control with therapy and medication. I really blossomed as a result of the experience.” Uh, OK… now what? They just innocently revealed some pretty important information that I really am not supposed to use in this pre-employment atmosphere. What I would like to hear from you is what do I do now?

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