Join the Telios Law Team! Paralegal/Legal Secretary Position Available

Telios Law is seeking a full-time Paralegal/Legal Secretary. The annual salary will range from $40,000 to $50,000, depending on experience. 

Send a resume, an application, and a cover letter describing why you want the job.

Before job offers are finalized, a criminal background check will be necessary.



Job Overview

A paralegal/legal secretary processes information: reviews and edits documents, files emails and legal documents, organizes legal files, and drafts simple documents. A paralegal/legal secretary should have good organizational skills, is highly detail-oriented, is self-motivated, and is willing to learn the ins and outs of new systems and processes. A paralegal/legal secretary is the “master” of the documents and is prepared to locate and identify needed documents.

This job will be in-person at least part of the week at the firm’s location of 19925 Monument Hill Road.

Benefits include Simple IRA matching benefit, some flexibility with hours, and paid vacation time.

Supervisor contact information:

Carole Gandera, 855-748-4201,

What Telios Law is About

Telios Law believes legal solutions should bring healing and life.

We know legal needs get tangled up with conflicts and interpersonal problems that can sabotage missions and create financial chaos. Telios Law creates legal solutions that can help solve conflicts in ways that heal people and preserve their vision, besides protecting them from liability. 

When we practice law in a way that prioritizes healing and reconciliation, it helps our clients build healthy, safe work environments.

Any trustworthy law practice must produce excellent legal work, but competence isn't the only skill to build. We attain excellence based on good information and communication. We nurture relationships with clients and coworkers, seeking to bring them life and truth. We are constant learners who regularly acquire and incorporate new information and skills.

Telios Law works extensively with religious organizations, primarily on business policies, religious liberties, child safety, HR and employment law, and international questions. We advise on and supervise many child abuse or other misconduct investigations. Our litigation includes pro-life work.

Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities for Paralegal/Legal Secretary

  • Communicates well and promptly with team members;
  • Handles confidential files with great discretion;
  • Is proficient on all firm computer programs (training is available);
  • Handles general file maintenance and organization, which includes filing and indexing documents and emails;
  • Handles data entry and data reports as needed;
  • Handles other business needs of the firm as requested;
  • Reviews, organizes, and Bates stamps documents;
  • Handles project assignments such as drafting simple documents under the direct supervision of an attorney;
  • Indexes documents in investigation or litigation;
  • Files pleadings in state and federal court or administrative courts (training is available);
  • Handles matter-related phone calls as needed;
  • Processes documents as requested: proofreading; editing; formatting; creating PDFs, etc.;
  • Helps create Templates and Work Flows; and
  • Works on client projects and other work duties as needed.

Qualifications and Competencies


  • Bachelor’s Degree;
  • Some legal experience or extensive secretarial experience;
  • Personal or professional knowledge of Christian religious organizations preferred;
  • Strong writing skills required;
  • Strong communication skills (will use email and Zoom);
  • Attention to detail and the ability to follow complex instructions (verbal and written):
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite preferred, including expertise with Styles (must be learned);
  • Proficiency with Adobe Acrobat preferred (must be learned);
  • Proficiency with Excel preferred;
  • Comfort level in handling complex projects, directions, and changing elements without getting lost or overwhelmed; and
  • Occasional flexibility in daily work schedule to meet firm’s needs during periods of heavy workload.


Has sound judgment; respects others; self-starter; organized; possesses strong attention to detail; independent worker; good task focus; accurate; communicates with ease; self-screens work; open to others’ ideas; not easily overwhelmed; flexible and able to handle multiple projects simultaneously; forward-thinking attitude.

Necessary Equipment

Secure wireless network if working at home.