Telios Law's COVID-19 Response

Dear Friends,

As COVID-19 continues to change our daily lives, we at Telios Law wanted to assure you that we are still open and here to support you! We may not be in the office much, but we are continuing business as usual by meeting with clients remotely and maintaining international security standards to protect your privacy.

Below, we've collected helpful materials to make your transition to the 'new normal' a little easier:


Tips & Suggestions

  • Be more careful than usual about clicking on links or providing information online! Scams and phishing are on a steep rise.
  • Use this time to review your policies. Do you have an epidemic policy in place, or a work-from-home policy? Are your employment and termination policies up-to-date? Consult with your attorney to get them up to par.
  • Get your team trained on sexual harassment prevention, child protection, or other important safety training (Telios Teaches provides these in online format, so your team can train from home.)


Resources & Articles

For Employers: 

“Expanded Paid Leave and Unemployment Benefits for American Workers Impacted by COVID-19” by Wagenmaker & Oberly

For those working from home for the first time: 

“Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips” by Kathi Browne


Trying to meet your clients or congregation in groups of 10 or less?: is a free service for scheduling appointments for specific time slots and availability.


What Telios Law Can Do for You

  • We advise organizations and business in how to adapt to new situations that arise from week to week - such as working remotely, or protecting high risk employees. 
  • We've helped several churches restructure critical functions to follow new safety mandates, such as ministering to the sick while staying more than 6 feet away, and more.
  • As finances grow tight, you may struggle with staffing, reduced hours or termination. We can guide you in how to protect your organization, and your people.


We look forward to helping you during this time. Our normal business hours are 9am-5pm MST. Use (855) 748-4201 to call, or contact us by email at We would love to schedule a ZOOM meeting (or phone call) between you and our attorneys. 

We plan to provide more helpful information soon, so stay tuned!



​The Telios Law Team