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Telios Law Offers New White Papers

Telios Law PLLC has recently added several papers to its collection of free, online, downloadable resources.

In the Religious Law section, a white paper on Crisis Management gives an overview of the increasing dangers of international work and how organizations can adopt best practices to avoid or minimize damage from crises—remember, the question is not whether a crisis will happen but when.

In the newly opened Business Law section, Telios Law offers a white paper on the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it intersects with running a business. Ms. Ross and Ms. Sidebotham cover such subjects as whether FLSA applies to an enterprise, what exemptions exist, and tips on compliance when FLSA does apply.

Finally, the graphic paper in the Appellate and Litigation section, Process of a Civil Lawsuit in Colorado, illustrates how a civil lawsuit works in the state of Colorado, and is packed with helpful information.

Featured Image: ”Paper” by Pixabay.
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