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Resources for churches, ministries, religious institutions, and religious organizations.

Employee Screening Procedures

employee-screening-procedureThis white paper outlines the requirements of the major federal laws addressing what an employer can and cannot do during a candidate screening process. It then explores how other issues of liability may arise from improperly implementing an employee hiring process. Finally, the paper addresses how exemptions and exceptions uniquely available to religious employers may change the screening process, and provides some practical principles to minimize the risk of liability while finding the ideal candidate.

Crisis Management White Paper

Global missions work is increasingly dangerous, especially in certain parts of the world. Since 2003, there has been a worldwide spike in global kidnappings that more and more target faith-based workers such as missionaries, as well as other NGO workers. Real risks facing international mission organizations today include: injuries from suicide bombings, kidnappings, torture during hostage situations, threat of execution if captured, demands that ministry cease, and extortion. Agencies operating in this sphere must understand these risks and put systems in place to help ensure the security of those working abroad. Solid crisis management is essential to protecting the safety of people and ministry property, and, in the event of a tragedy, can also go a long way toward preventing legal liability for the organization.

First Amendment Standards Chart

Turn here for a concise, yet informative chart of standards and case law summaries pertaining to the Free Speech and Religion Clauses of the First Amendment. This easy-to-understand guide summarizes some of the key points of the law in a condensed format that pays particular attention to their relevance to public accommodation cases.

Religious Employer Handbook

Religious employers face unique challenges when developing policies and procedures to govern their employees and volunteers. Are your organization's policies up to par? This self-assessment checklist can help your religious organization: (1) assess the adequacy of your employment policies or an employee handbook; and (2) identify areas to focus any updates or redevelopment. For this assessment, plus other valuable resources and explanations on why your organization may need to revamp its handbook, download this free resource now.

FLSA White Paper

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the main overtime and minimum wage law in the United States and covers secular and religious organizations alike. Religious organizations, however, face unique challenges under the Act. Download this white paper now to help your organization understand how FLSA may apply, and how to stay compliant in the face of some of the special issues confronting religious organizations.

The Blood of the Martyrs and Legal Liability

Religious missions organizations in today's legal landscape are a prime target for lawsuits. Download this white paper now to learn how to protect your organization in a way that maintains its vision and testimony. This resource covers valuable information including:

-The lawsuits missions organizations may face;
-The historical evolution of legal liability in this context;
-Legal liability and how it works;
-A practical framework for litigation prevention

Protecting Children and Organizations from Child Abuse: An Overview of Legal and Practical Issues

pdf fileFor any religious organization that works with children, protecting them--and the ministry--from the risk of child abuse is crucial. Download this free resource to help equip and prepare your religious organization by learning more about abuse prevention, wise approaches to investigations, and the risks, process, and consequences of litigation.

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