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Short-Term Mission Trip Insurance — Who Needs It?

If your ministry is planning a short-term mission trip, such as a spring break construction project, the insurance issues can be confusing. Does everyone have health insurance? Will it cover health issues that occur overseas? Will it cover emergencies like medical evacuation? Do people have auto insurance? Will that cover them overseas if they are driving? What if they are passengers?

What if the organization unfortunately has a liability issue, like negligence leading to a car accident, or a child abuse incident? Is there liability coverage or sex abuse riders? Does that coverage include cover incidents that occur overseas? Does it include incidents that may happen in the U.S. before people actually leave the country?

One “church” that I know of thought it was covered—had even been assured by its insurer that it was covered. But when the incident happened, it was told that there was no sex abuse rider for the short-term trip, and its regular insurance didn’t extend to overseas. That could be disastrous if a high-cost incident happens.

Plan for your short-term insurance needs as well as your long-term needs. Here is a little more information on health and life insurance for short-term trips, from someone who works in that field. International Health Insurance—Don’t Leave Home Without It.  You will need to talk to your broker about other insurance coverage as well. 

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