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Appellate Fun While You Wait for Next Month’s Telios Tip

The Telios Appellate and Litigation Tip is taking a break for the holidays. But don’t worry, appellate fans! We’ve gathered some fun and informative resources for you to check out. In this post, we’ve rounded up a handful of events and resources (and a hashtag to boot) to keep you up to date. In January, we’ll resume our regular monthly tip focused on Colorado and federal appellate and litigation news, case updates, and practice pointers.

Appellate Practice Update 2017

On November 29, 2017, the annual Appellate Practice Update CLE will take place at the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center. This CLE is great for anyone who practices in the area, or who just wants to stay up to date on the latest news from Colorado’s appellate courts. It is an all-day affair (and worth 8 CLE credits), plus there is a networking reception scheduled for after the CLE. If you can’t make it the day of, there is also a replay scheduled for early 2018.

Check out the details here.

The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law produces a law journal called The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process. The publication features a wide range of articles and essays on appellate procedure and the courts, with many of them practice-focused. And, best of all, past editions are available online for free. Just visit their website and choose “past issue” on the right sidebar and browse away. Or you can search by topic for relevant articles.

First Mondays Podcast

If you like online radio shows and are a self-professed SCOTUS junkie, the First Mondays podcast might be a perfect fit. This podcast was started by two former Supreme Court law clerks who are now in academia—Ian Samuels and Dan Epps—and is now in its second season. Episodes are released weekly and correspond to each week of the Supreme Court’s term. In addition to giving a detailed run-down of what happened at the Court each week, any other news related to the Supreme Court is fair game. Listening to this podcast will make you the most informed person in the room on everything SCOTUS, and the hosts’ dry senses of humor keep it light.

The episodes run about 1.5 hours—some are shorter, some a bit longer:


For everyone out there who can’t get enough appellate action, meet #AppellateTwitter. This is a twitter hashtag appealing to anything and everything related to appeals and legal writing. Even if you don’t have a twitter account, you can still visit this link to read what people post (although an account is needed to get the full experience). Expect to see everything from nerdy jokes about appellate practice, to video clips of the Supreme Court justices on the street. But #AppellateTwitter is not just for fun—it has become an incubator of ideas and resources for practitioners and appellate specialists. Earlier this year, the ABA reported about the potential benefits of the community and why you might want to get involved. (For Twitter novices, the ABA article gives a brief primer on the platform’s lingo, so you can navigate with confidence).

If you need something a bit lighter after wading through some of the heavier appellate resources mentioned above, check it out.

Featured Image: "Unnamed" by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.
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