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Accommodation Issues

Accommodation Issues

Part 8: After Screening

The discussion continues on interpersonal relationships, proactivity, and appropriate response... 

Part 7: The Lawyer Responds

MeetingKeith mentioned three basic actions that the mission can take. Let me expand on those a little. The mission can indeed ... 

Part 6: The Psychologist Responds

MeetingKeith, your first hypothetical about the teacher with problems raises excellent questions. Here are some thoughts about approaches, both before and after accepting a person. 

Part 5: Tough Questions from a Colleague

Dinner time on the fieldHaving read the first parts of this blog, I think I have understood that a mission has some options for moving forward. Are these the three options? Let me propose a hypothetical case:

Part 4: Talking about Accommodation


Hi Brent, You ask about how to have the interactive discussion regarding accommodation. In the case of your candidate, she has already volunteered that she struggles with depression, so the next logical step is...

Part 3: Do We Need an Accommodation Review?

on the fieldThis was very helpful, Theresa. I am beginning to get a handle on accommodation processes. I do have a continuing question (of course!), and it has to do with asking about issues needing accommodation....

Part 1: After the Screening

on the fieldI am getting the picture that some in missions have been quite loosey-goosey about what to measure and when. what are some thoughts and strategies an agency might consider as they begin to develop, provide, or determine if they can provide accommodations? 

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