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Considerations for Policies as a Standard of Care

reasonable standard of careA policy not followed is worse than no policy at all. A policy tells the world what you believe is a reasonable standard of care. If you then don't follow it, you're condemned out of your own mouth. 

To Policy or Not to Policy, That Is the Question

policies and procedures debateTheresa, I got stuck in a problematic place in my leadership a number of years ago. I was concerned about staff behavior that was counter to maintaining good and complementary relationships. I wanted a policy that I could use ... 

Rituals of Missionary Consent to Risk

visiting a doctor in hard placesBrent, you are right perception makes a huge difference. You’ve brought up the idea of ritualizing this “consent” as part of the milestones of moving into missionary service. That is... 

Expectations Are Embedded in Ritualizing Milestones

missionary lifecycle ceremoniesTheresa – Clearly articulating the vision throughout the life of the missionary, and “ritualizing” it into the developmental milestones (such as a local church dedication service) creates an awareness in all the parts (the church, supporters, family, mission) of the multiple possible futures of this mission life... 

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