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Elements of a Successful Appellate Brief

This article was originally published by Theresa L. Sidebotham and Aaron N. Einhorn in The Colorado Lawyer, June 2008, Vol. 37, No. 6

As law clerks for the Colorado Court of Appeals, we read briefs each week and analyze them with our judge. In addition, our job regularly involves appellate writing that conforms to the standards discussed in this article. These experiences provide us insight into writing persuasive and effective briefs that can strengthen your appellate advocacy. Download this article to learn about the elements of successful appellate briefs.

Interested Parties in Juvenile Dependency and Neglect Cases

This article was originally published in The Colorado Lawyer, August 2004, Vol. 33, No. 8

When a dependency and neglect case is on the juvenile court docket, things have already gone wrong with the child and his or her family. Tangled relationships and unhealthy situations are almost certain. Although the court is entrusted with protecting the best interests of the child, other parties have certain rights and obligations. Download this resource to gain insight into what advantages and disadvantages other parties face in a D&N case.

On Appeal? Process, Pointers, and Pitfalls for Non-Appellate Attorneys

Faced with the prospect of an appeal for the first time and not sure where to begin? This practice guide--a basic overview of appellate practice in Colorado state courts--is a good starting point. Download this free resource, which covers:

-General information about the ins and outs of the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court;
-A step-by-step overview of filing and appeal and beyond; and
-Practical tips for how to help ensure a successful appeal in the future by starting at the trial phase.

Process of a Civil Lawsuit in Colorado State Court

See this white paper with nifty graphics to better understand the process of filing and litigating a civil lawsuit in Colorado.

Process of an Appeal

New to appellate practice? See the appellate process from start to finish with this handy graphic showing how the process works in Colorado.

The Importance of Preservation to Winning a Civil Appeal

This article was originally published in the Pikes Peak Lawyer, October 2015, the official publication of the El Paso County Bar Association. 

Although it is important that an appellate brief be artfully drafted, victory on appeal may turn more on whether trial counsel had the forethought to ensure that an issue was preserved. Download this article, which reviews the general rules regarding preservation, and provides valuable, yet practical suggestions for preparing for appeal during trial and beyond.

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