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Assessments - Educating Children with Disabilities

clickable chart on educating children with disabilities 

Evaluating and Assessing Disabilities

The assessment process begins when someone requests an evaluation of the child. At that time, you should receive a procedural safeguards notice from the school. The school evaluates your child with observations or tests. Next is a meeting with a multidisciplinary team to determine if your child is eligible for special education services. 

If the disability or impairment affects your child's access to academic or extracurricular services, your child has a disability that is protected under Section 504 and should receive a Section 504 Plan.

If the disability or impairment affects your child’s academic achievements, your child is entitled to special education or related services, and your child should receive an individualized educational program (IEP).

If the evaluation does not show disabilities, then nothing further will happen unless you ask for an IEE or dispute the evaluation.

clickable chart on educating children with disabilities

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