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Finally! All of those long days in a classroom keeping myself on task and all of the IEP meetings that my parents attended have paid off: college, here I come! But where do I begin? Will I still be able to get accommodations?

One of the best-kept secrets in Colorado Springs is a remarkable set of programs for citizens who have disabilities—in the City of Colorado Springs’ Therapeutic Recreational Program (TRP).

With happy tears, a parent commented that she had never seen her child with disabilities as happy and expressive as when she is completing her weekly hippotherapy at Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center.

When you walk into the door of Blue Star Recyclers, you see a line of smiling workers. Blue Star Recyclers is addressing a social, economic, and environmental problem by hiring employees who have disabilities.

Christian MediationChristian mediation has a foot in two worlds: the peacemaking role of the Church, and the typical legal process for resolving legal disputes short of trial. It can be both spiritually healing and a cost-saving way of approaching problems.

There are only ten ADA National Network Regional Centers in the United States of America, and here in Colorado Springs, we are fortunate to be the home of one of them. 

Hillsprings Learning CenterAs soon as you step into The HillSprings Learning Center, you can tell that something special is going on in the building. The children in the small classrooms are eager to learn at this private school that is for “learning differences.”

Aspen PointeAspenPointe supports families of children with disabilities in many ways and across a broad geographical area.

Small ChildrenEvery parent dreams of what his or her child will grow up to be. Will my child become an NFL player, a concert pianist, or perhaps win the Nobel Prize? No parent ever wishes that his or her child would be born with a disability, even though the parent knows that dreams may not become reality.

PlayDateHey little buddy, listen to your mommy: what would SuperFlex® do instead of having a meltdown? And who is SuperFlex®? He is the super-flexible superhero who is the heart of the curriculum that PlayDate Behavioral Interventions uses! 

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