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Every parent dreams of what his or her child will grow up to be. Will my child become an NFL player, a concert pianist, or perhaps win the Nobel Prize? No parent ever wishes that his or her child would be born with a disability, even though the parent knows that dreams may not become reality.

Hey little buddy, listen to your mommy: what would SuperFlex® do instead of having a meltdown? And who is SuperFlex®? He is the super-flexible superhero who is the heart of the curriculum that PlayDate Behavioral Interventions uses! 

The name “Special Kids Special Families” is really the brand of this unique nonprofit organization that began in 1998. Its mission statement is: “To promote, strengthen, and support individuals with disabilities and their families.” 

With summer ending, parents of children with special needs have a new and daunting task: transitioning back to school. What additional steps should you take to ensure your child with a disability is ready for school

Requiring an employee to undergo psychological counseling may violate Americans with Disabilities Act. The Sixth Circuit just issued another opinion. It was not too happy with Kroll’s employer. How can you demonstrate that counseling is “job-related and consistent with business necessity”?

Now that the Sixth Circuit has said that requiring a worker to get psychological counseling is equivalent to requiring a medical examination under the ADA, the question is when requiring such an examination is permissible anyway.

EmployeeA helpful recent white paper from Intermedia, based on research, discusses corporate data and how to manage it, particularly when employees leave the organization. Here are four important points from the paper to consider.

John Buckley, a lawyer who is helping write the law in Colorado pertaining to trusts, graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and later Harvard Law School. He founded Buckley Law, for estate and asset protection planning in the Front Range.
If you were a parent of a child with special needs, what kind of needs would you, as a family, have? 

How does your child with disabilities cope with the emotional burden of those disabilities, or experience success in performance and relationship? A Positive Note through the Colorado Springs Conservatory is one program that helps children cope.

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