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A successful nonprofit unites around its vision and purpose. But legal conflicts can leave people divided, morals compromised, and the truth lost. At Telios Law, our legal counsel focuses on healing and reconciliation.

We help protect your members, children, and organization without compromising your vision or the truth.

Telios Law advises organizations on legal and policy issues, with a special emphasis on First Amendment policies, international law, child protection policies and practices, and employment policies and responses. We assist with forming 501c3 nonprofits, coordinate legal audits, and conduct investigations.

Telios Law represents organizations in litigation defense, asserting constitutional defenses around religious free exercise, religious privilege, and other First Amendment issues, as well as normal business and employment law principles. We also help ministries consider restorative approaches that may bring healing to those harmed and avoid litigation.  

Child Protection

Telios Law protects children served by nonprofits and ministries with policy advice, training, assisting with appropriate responses, and investigations.

  • Policy review and implementation give your team an actionable plan to prevent abuse in the first place.
  • Training on child protection and responses to allegations through Telios Teaches prepares and educates your team.
  • Investigations into current and historic allegations of misconduct may be part of an appropriate response (for more information, visit Telios Investigations).

More Ways Telios Law Can Help Your Organization

Prevent misconduct and respond to allegations with training that cultivates a culture of care and integrity:

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Learn how Telios Law can help with your investigation:

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