Why Telios?


“Telios” means “complete, perfect, mature, or whole,” and it is related to the word for finishing or completing. “Telios” defines successful results in terms of being complete, whole, or mature.

Any trustworthy law practice must produce excellent legal work, but competence isn't the only skill to build. Before building, you need sound wisdom to choose what to build—something that will make your business, personal life, or ministry more whole and help you achieve your vision more perfectly. This includes considering your options and what they will cost in terms of finances, emotional energy, or time.

Before recommending a legal solution, we analyze the problem with you. We discuss the pros and cons of different options and how each may or may not benefit you. Once we’ve started to work, we commit to billing reasonably, not doing unnecessary work, communicating well, and offering transparency and payment options to give you peace in the legal process. In handling your disputes, we strive to interact prudently with everyone involved, working to bring peace and resolution as quickly as possible.

Excellent legal work is important but wasted unless it makes your business, personal life, or ministry more whole and helps you achieve your vision more perfectly. Legal services are expensive and legal conflict has high costs financially and otherwise. Telios Law helps you consider whether legal solutions help bring completeness in your business, ministry, or personal life and which legal solutions are likely to reach your desired end.

Telios Law serves businesses, individuals, ministries, and churches, representing them in litigation, investigations, appeals, and alternatives to litigation, as well as giving legal advice on a variety of issues. Preventive planning or negotiating can often avoid lawsuits. And if you are going to be in a legal proceeding, you should have excellent legal support.