Why Telios?


Telios Law believes legal solutions should bring healing and life.

We know legal needs get tangled up with conflicts and interpersonal problems that can sabotage your mission and create financial risk. Telios Law creates legal solutions that can help solve conflicts in ways that heal people and preserve their vision, besides protecting them from liability.

When we practice law in a way that prioritizes healing and reconciliation, it helps our clients build healthy, safe work environments.

Any trustworthy law practice must produce excellent legal work, but competence isn't the only skill you need. We perform top-quality legal work, based on good information and excellent communication. We also nurture relationships with clients and coworkers, seeking to bring life and truth to others. We are constant learners who continually acquire and incorporate new information and skills.

Telios Law serves businesses, individuals, ministries, and churches, representing them in litigation, investigations, appeals, and alternatives to litigation, as well as giving legal advice on a variety of issues.

Preventive planning or negotiating can often avoid lawsuits. And if you are going to be in legal proceeding, you should have excellent legal support.