Theresa Testifies for Free Speech on Colorado Campuses

On March 8, 2017, Theresa Sidebotham of Telios Law PLLC testified in favor of a university campus free speech bill. In her testimony, Theresa declared, among other things, that “the true meaning of a public university is lost if officials enforce homogenous thought.”

The bill, SB17-062 Free Speech on Campus, passed the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee that evening by a vote of 8-1. One especially important aspect of the bill is that it would prohibit the limiting of student expression to “free speech zones” on Colorado public university campuses. The bill now goes before the Colorado House, where there is a strong likelihood that it will receive bipartisan support. Theresa was heartened by the Committee’s passage of the bill. In response she stated, “Free speech is an American issue, not a partisan issue, and I’m pleased that the Committee saw it that way!”

Featured Image: "University" by Pixabay.

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