Employment Screening, Assessments, Hiring

Non-Disclosure Agreements protect confidential information and govern its use. Here are some important things to consider when entering into an NDA.

Is targeting your online advertisement about an open position in your organization to men under the age of 35 legal? No, federal law prohibits age and sex discrimination.

Many employers do criminal background checks on prospective employees. But if something comes up that is a concern, how can an employer legitimately respond?

Brent outlines his project in developing spiritual screening tools and some problems that such a project might encounter.

Are you asking a candidate “illegal” questions in a job interview? This post explores some of the common problem questions to avoid and suggests tips for keeping the hiring process legal and safe for all.

This post addresses why organizations should consider using background checks and what to look for in a service provider for your screening.

What are acceptable questions for pre-screening questionnaires? In this post, Dr. Brent Lindquist raises this and other issues for Theresa to answer.

Colorado employers must verify their employees’ legal work status. To do this, they must fill out the new federal I-9, which is very similar to the old one, but has some new “smart” characteristics.

If your ministry asks potential volunteers or employees about any criminal record, do you need to throw out your application and start anew in light your state’s “ban the box” law? This post addresses how religious employers should be aware of “ban the box” laws and the changing legal landscape of considering criminal history in hiring.

As a mental health practitioners trying to help further the cause of missions, I will be looking at issues as they develop in the arenas of assessment, overseas behavior and treatment, and contexts where you find cross-cultural and organizational cultural issues. I also want to discuss how to work with missions in the most effective way, looking at specific kinds of assessments and the ministerial exception.I am hoping, Theresa, that I will surface issues that you may be able to speak to from a legal perspective.