Thanks, Theresa. I feel much better. The nice thing about social networking, more so than prayer sharing, is that there is usually a track, which can be reviewed. I have the following questions about the social network. 

Brent, I agree your problem with GINA is now way bigger. In fact, you have defined a problem that pulls in HIPAA (because of confidential medical information) and the ADA (to the extent the person has a disability) as well! 

My problem with GINA is way bigger than what I can do or say as a psychologist. We are a people of prayer. As people ask for prayers for themselves and/or for others they know, genetic data is spread all around the group. 

I agree that GINA is going to have a big impact on organizations that screen broadly and then expect to see all the test results. But it’s an ill wind that blows no good. 

A major outcome of our therapy is to help missionaries build life and coping skills for which genetics may have a major informing role. So, I am seeing a lot of impact here. 

GINA has nothing to do with what you do in private counseling practice. It applies to you when you are doing assessment for the employer. There are two ways for an employer to get in trouble with GINA. 

All righty…there are so many issues here, and most of them are overwhelming to me. I have many questions about GINA as they relate to my consultation and therapeutic practices with mission agencies and their clients. I will list the topics...