ADA, Disabilities, and Accommodations

The ADA considers obesity a disability—sometimes. Here’s how employers can ensure ADA compliance on this issue.

If an employee has a mental health-related disability, when and how can an employer require medical examinations and how should the employer approach this problem? A recent case gives some insight.

Check out highlights and lessons learned from some important 2017 Americans with Disabilities Act cases impacting Colorado and the rest of the country.

I am getting the picture that some in missions have been quite loosey-goosey about what to measure and when. what are some thoughts and strategies an agency might consider as they begin to develop, provide, or determine if they can provide accommodations? 

A multi-chapter resource about how requiring employees to get mental health counseling is likely a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (except in certain narrow circumstances), and how religious organizations should consider what circumstances apply and be prepared.