Child Safety and Education

A helpful white paper by Roger L. Dixon and Theresa Lynn Sidebotham about biblical ethics and responding to child abuse. 

If your child has disabilities, or may have disabilities, figuring out your options can be mind-boggling. This clickable chart is designed to help you through the maze. It is written for parents of children with disabilities (or those who have parental decision-making authority for educational decisions).

Campus disciplinary committees can no longer hold Title IX hearings without protecting the due process rights of accused students, including cross-examination, even at private educational institutions.

Dr. Lindquist continues the dialogue with Theresa in how to best care for children on the mission field. 

Dr. Lindquist introduces an approach to ensuring the optimal experience for children in the missions field, in anticipation of an upcoming fall seminar on the topic!

Theresa's response to Dr. Lindquist, including details on how missions organizations and families can work together to ensure the safest environment for children traveling into the mission field. 

We discuss the benefits of Verified Volunteers, an organization option that is focused on providing affordable, easy, and thorough background checks for volunteers.

This post addresses tips for preventing bullying in religious organizations by adapting the best practices from Stop Bullying Now! to the mission environment.

Sexual harassment and abuse create tragic stories for individuals and organizations. How do we prevent abusive or harassing behavior by basic best practices?

Read our list of suggestions for ways you can take action against state-sponsored child strip searching in Colorado.