Job Descriptions

Thanks Theresa, for the summary of your comments about the job descriptions. However, before we close this off, I think we need to say more than that job descriptions are hard to write.  

Brent, you have gathered a couple of modern missions job descriptions, and you’d like me to comment on how they compare to the Department of Labor suggestions. So here we go.

Brent, you asked me to look back about 20 years and write my job description for when Bruce and I and our four small sons lived overseas for 7 years. He asked if I had a job description—I don’t think anyone did back then for this type of job. 

For this post, I'd like to note a few underlying psychological reasons to go with your reasons. I will comment on most of your points, or after any particularly important points. 

Brent, this struck me as pretty funny! When I was a missionary, we didn’t have a job description. I don’t think that concept had occurred to anybody (this was a while ago). Why do we even need job descriptions? Here are seven reasons. 

I think we have included some good ideas about background, but I would like us to forge ahead and look at what a reasonable job description might look like and what a performance review might look like. 

Yes, it is complicated how you define ministerial exception. Why does this matter? Most importantly, for conduct and character standards, and to some extent for tax reasons. I find myself driven to the lawyer’s answer. 

I note that you talk about all the variability that an organization has when employing ministerial employees, as well as professionals. Your response brought two issues to mind that I would like some clarification on. 

You’ve actually raised two very interesting job-related questions. The first is the divide between ministerial and non-ministerial employees. The second is the divide between professionals and hourly workers.

In the last thread on psychological assessment, Theresa, you made regular comments about some things are more of a concern for "regular" employees, and less of a concern for employees who fit a "ministerial" category. You say that religious organizations have...