Colorado’s legislature updates the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act to address ambiguities and discrepancies in compliance. This article updates employers on how to comply.

Colorado’s legislature passes a new law that will significantly change how workplace harassment and discrimination are evaluated.

A multi-chapter resource about some legal issues associated with using volunteers, and how non-profit organizations can manage risk and avoid liability.

The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed a new rule for determining whether a worker is an employee or a contractor. This article discusses the new rule and its importance for businesses.

Carefully following best investigative practices can help avoid harming people and avoid costly litigation.

Employers in Colorado should be aware of new changes to Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws. This article discusses these reforms and their implications for Colorado employers.

Employers can diversify their workforce and get new talent by overcoming hiring biases and obstacles like gaps in employment history caused by particular life situations.

Ministries and non-profits often rely on the help of volunteers or interns. While most volunteers are willing to donate their time, they may not be agreeing to donate their intellectual property.

In March of 2022, Christianity Today sadly announced that they “fell short of protecting our employees” when reports of sexual harassment were confirmed. However, this misfortune provides a unique opportunity for ministries and other organizations to unpack what went wrong and examine, “What we can learn from their mistakes?”