Religious Beliefs and Speech

Religious freedom in business: last month, the United Kingdom Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian-owned bakery that declined to bake a cake promoting same-sex marriage. 

In re Episcopal School of Dallas is a recent Texas court case affirming a faith-based school’s right to manage its internal affairs according to its beliefs, including its discipline decisions.

In a guest post from the Wagenmaker & Oberly LLC Blog by Sally Wagenmaker, Jon Hwang, and Ryan Oberly, they investigate just how much (or little) the government is allowed to control churches in and out of election seasons.

The latest Tenth Circuit case on religious accommodations in the workplace discusses the give and take of religious accommodations, and clarifies the level of effort employers need to make.

This post discusses new guidance by the Trump Administration on protecting religious freedom and the current status of the HHS Mandate.

A recent Ninth Circuit case examines First Amendment challenges for government employees in the context of a football coach’s practice of praying publicly on the 50-yard line after games.

Connecticut court says the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine prevents it from deciding whether a religious organization is liable for not conducting a mental fitness evaluation.

The Trinity Lutheran case is the U.S. Supreme Court’s latest religious liberty decision. Learn more about this important case with the overview update.

Should a religious college be considered a public accommodation? A recent case from Pennsylvania says yes and also decides that no First Amendment defenses apply.

This post outlines a suit by a gay student against his Catholic high school and provides some practice pointers for religious schools on avoiding similar issues.