Religious Beliefs and Speech

A multi-chapter resource on preventing and navigating internal church disputes and litigation.

A federal court judge ruled that two Colorado churches do not have to comply with COVID-19 capacity limits or force their congregants to wear masks because that would violate the U.S. Constitution.

A multi-chapter resource which explains insurance, including information specifically for ministries. Let us help you evaluate your insurance coverage and make sure you have what you need, and more.

The EEOC abandoned its policy disfavoring mandatory arbitration for employment disputes. The new policy is now consistent with current case law. This post addresses what employers need to know.

Church security is more important than ever. Here are some practical steps to take and legal issues to consider in planning for security at your church, as well as philosophical approaches.

On January 1, 2020, a new rule will change the overtime exemption salary threshold for salaried employees. Here’s what you need to know to maintain compliance.

A religious organization was accused of protecting a known pedophile within its organization. How can an organization stay on the right side of the law and be sure that it protects children?

Employers are faced with challenges when trying to curb abuses of FMLA leave privileges, while at the same time caring for legitimate medical needs.

The ADA considers obesity a disability—sometimes. Here’s how employers can ensure ADA compliance on this issue.

A downloadable resource by Theresa Lynn Sidebotham, Esq. about the challenging circumstances which public school teachers face when expressing their faith at work.