IEPs, 504s, and School Response

Children with behavioral, emotional, and mental disabilities sometimes behave badly and can even be violent. If this happens at school, are the parents responsible? Recently, a teacher injured by a child filed a lawsuit  against parents, alleging that Parents were responsible.

Even when schools put in place an IEP or Section 504 plan for your student, they may not address extracurricular access. This can make it hard for your student to participate in extracurricular events. After a government report found that students with disabilities do not have equal opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, the Office for Civil Rights issued Section 504 guidance.

How much effort do schools have to make to get a parent to an IEP meeting? The Ninth Circuit answered this question in June of 2013 in a Hawaii case, Doug C. v. State of Hawaii Dep’t of Education.