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This post highlights what has happened with the FLSA Overtime Rule since the court stopped the DOL from implementing the rule back in November 2016.

Has your business been functioning on unwritten rules? Do you need a formal employee handbook? Part One of this series on employee handbooks explores this topic.

How will the laws passed during the 2017 Colorado Legislative Session impact your business? Learn more about the laws that may be of interest to Colorado employers in this overview.

Part One of this three-part series on employment investigations for religious organizations introduces the importance of these investigations and how to develop a framework for conducting them. 

Brent outlines his project in developing spiritual screening tools and some problems that such a project might encounter.

A multi-chapter resource by guest author Dr. John Mrazek about the reasons why he believes churches should have executive pastors.

This post addresses why organizations should consider using background checks and what to look for in a service provider for your screening.

New to Simplified Procedure in Colorado state court? This post provides an overview of C.R.C.P. 16.1 Simplified Procedure and what to expect if your case is proceeding under it.

While the 7th Circuit was making headlines, other circuits went the other way on sexual orientation discrimination under Title VII. This post explores the circuit split and what is on the horizon going forward.

This post explores the basic terms used in agency law to describe a principal-agent relationship and gives an overview of the general duties between an agent and principal.