Part 2: Why Pay Attention

Hello Brent, I like the idea of this topic. 


There are many potential ethical problems in mission for psychologists with professional licenses. And if you get caught up in these ethical problems, you may do real harm to people, you may be liable for malpractice, and you could lose your professional license. Missions psychologists have great hearts to help people, but it’s important to be careful. While you come from one of the more restrictive states, California, all missions psychologists should at least think through these problems. Interestingly, this issue may be more complicated if you have a professional license than if you are doing “Biblical counseling.”

Your new topic also intersects with current mental health issues in employment law, which are developing constantly, and with the many religious law protections available in the United States. It should be a good discussion! So now tell us about why you shouldn’t go out on a limb in candidate selection!

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