Part 8: What About Genetic Information That Is Already Out There?

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Thanks, Theresa. I feel much better. The nice thing about social networking, more so than prayer sharing, is that there is usually a track, which can be reviewed. I have the following questions about the social network.


1. Many organizations have internal social networking spaces, due to security and other concerns, where staff can share things. What you are saying, if I understand you, is that if an employee shares that, it is seen by the entire organization. So, then that might be good.

2. But what about the life of that info? If I knew someone was going through a complex diagnostic process that could take months, and I had to make a decision about a new position, in which that person was a candidate, what would constitute a fair decision? How could I protect myself?

3. I really like the idea of kindness and confidentiality. I think respect goes there too. I think there are some policy guidelines coming out of this.


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