The Role of Attorneys in Preventing and Responding to Abuse in Ministries

Preventing and responding to sexual abuse continues to be a major issue for churches and ministries. Failure to take proper steps to prevent abuse or to respond appropriately to allegations of abuse can result not only in legal liability, but also in a diminished witness to the people the organization to whom an organization seeks to minister.

Churches and religious organizations often engage legal counsel for services related to abuse prevention, response, investigation, and litigation. The first part of this article describes the various services that attorneys provide to ministries related to abuse. The second part discusses what ministries should expect from their attorneys in the context of abuse-related representation. The article concludes with some considerations ministries should have when selecting an attorney to provide such services.

To read both parts of this article, please follow the links below:

Advice, Audit, Avoidance, Accountability, and Advocacy: Abuse-Related Attorney Services

Counsel, Care, and Confidentiality: What Religious Organizations Can Expect from Attorneys


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