Part 6: Screening How Broadly and When?

Thanks for this Theresa. It is interesting to find out that there is a way to get in trouble even by checking someone’s public spaces.


Two issues come to mind from your previous post.

1. Fair credit reporting act – I think it might be good to explain this in a bit more detail. It sounds like whatever you do as part of your process needs to be explained, if you pay someone outside of the organization to do the looking. Is that correct? If I were going to do that, I wonder how extensively that organization looks for information – how widely they look and to what level of detail. For instance, I might only look in Facebook, and there are many other clones and blogs, etc. Could you clarify a little for us (ok, for me!).

2. “After the interview” – This is opening a massive can of worms. Whenever I speak on issues of recruiting and hiring and psychological tests etc., everyone always wants to know what happens when. You have just introduced out next thread – the whole interview process – but in the meantime, could you clarify when the interview you mentioned occurs, and what it is?


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