Part 3: Do We Need an Accommodation Review?

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This was very helpful, Theresa. I am beginning to get a handle on accommodation processes. I do have a continuing question (of course!), and it has to do with asking about issues needing accommodation.

In the first post of this thread, I talked about the candidate offering voluntarily that she struggles with depression. Even though this is a medical condition, it could also be a disability, and we would need to do due diligence to figure out how to accommodate for her if possible.

I have heard that we could or should ask if the candidate has any issues they would like to have accommodation for. This might include obvious visible things, like they have a physical disability. But what about not obvious issues, like depression, or maybe their children have needs.

Is there a process someone could go through to identify those? Do you have them sign a form that they are requesting this? How do you track it?


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